Customer Testimonials

Hi Wendy and Kate-

I wanted to drop you a note to compliment your team, and, more specifically, Eric.

Last night, when my girlfriend, Christine, and I were en route to pick-up Wiggins, she was asking me if she thought he missed us --- still unsure about leaving him for so long with this being his first full week at daycare. She had also wanted to try your competition up here (Hounds on the Hudson) when we first got him.

She was excited to see him through the glass in your medium room so when we fist pulled up didn't notice him right away she was a bit anxious. But then I noticed that one of your staff, Eric, was actually walking around holding him! She was so excited and thought it was such a nice thing to do! I agreed and told her that it was a reflection on your entire staff and operations --- you hire the best people who really care about dogs. (I also shared with her how earlier in the week when I picked up Wiggins, he was sleeping in Eric's lap)! The personal client attention and genuine kindness exhibited to our four-legged friends really sets you apart from your competition, and it's stories like these that I share with other dog owners when highly recommending your service. 

Anyway, I wanted to write and share that story and thank you and your team. Please also see to it that Eric is recognized for his kindness to Wiggins. He was in the back so we couldn't express our gratitude directly to him.


- Matt M, November 11, 2012

I recently used the day care service at PI PAWS and could not have been more pleased with the care and attention the staff gave to all of the dogs in their care. In fact, I had two dogs there for couple of the 10 days. One a young and very energetic Lab was given plenty of opportunity for exercise and play with other active dogs but the staff were quick to realize that the "more mature" Lab was happier with the less energetic dogs and kept her in the calmer environment.  They were intersted in meeting the dogs' needs and flexible when I needed to bring them in before 7am one day. I am grateful to find a place I can leave our dog without worry and will continue to use PI PAWs without hesitation.

- Dianne C., Washington, D.C. 3/10/2011

The dogs think they are in camp! The owners "mix it up" with special occasions, parties, events, etc. GREAT PLACE

- Mike  1/31/2011

We've been taking our shitzu to PI Paws since they first opened. The owners, Kate and Wendy, take care of our dog as if he were their own. I can call at any time of day and find out who my dog is playing with, what he's eaten, what business he did on his last walk, and I can always watch him happily chasing other pups on their web cam.  I've personally been in the back (using the restroom on occassion), and I've noted the clean and professional environment. During our wedding and honeymoon my husband and I felt more comfortable leaving our dog at PI Paws than with any family member. We know he had a wonderful time and received the kind of love and attention we give him at home.  I fully recommend PI Paws!

 -Amber L., Hoboken, NJ  6/27/2011

     I just brought both my dogs to PI Paws for 5 days. One of my boys has some real bad allergies and need a lot of special care, he gets pills twice a day and needs his paws wiped with a baby wipe after walks and before bed. If this doesn't happen, he gets and infection on the pads of his paws, and I so very happy to say when he got home today his paws looked great.  Every-time I have been there (only 4 occasions so far) the staff have been either playing with the dogs or cleaning up after them. I also checked in on them via their web cam (more times then I care to admit) and each time was the same.  I highly recommend them to all my fellow dog owners. They even have a trial day to check it out. I am not sure of the details you will have to call and ask.

- Matt G., Jersey City, NJ  10/28/2010

     I have been taking my dog to PI Paws since it opened and they are AMAZING! I have a goldendoodle and he loves it there. Whenever I take him for a walk he wants to head straight to PI Paws to say hi to everyone. The staff is wonderful and they are true dog lovers! We are moving to Texas and Hudson will be very sad and miss everyone at PI Paws.

 - Sandi R, Weehawken, NJ  6/24/2010

     We've been sending our 2-year-old puggle Westley for the past year a few days a week. He LOVES it there.  I recently had a baby and it is difficult to drain Westley of his puggle energy while walking slowly with a carriage carrying a newborn. PI Paws has been great. Westley plays a ton there and he gets affection from the people that I can't give 24/7 anymore because I'm feeding the baby so often. My husband and I regularly check on him via the Web cam and he is always either playing or nestled on the lap of the person in the room.  I really love this place. It's been a Godsend.

- Catherine H., West New York, NJ 6/9/2010

PI Paws is top notch! The care and attention my 1.5 yr. old German Shepherd receives is second to none. The Staff truly cares, the facilities are spotless and the rates are very reasonable. I have used every dog day care place in the vicinity of River Rd and nothing compares to  these guys.

 - Rob S., West New York, NJ 4/6/2010